List of UK (MLM) Network Marketing companies

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Ok, so after spending an hour or so surfing the internet looking for a full list of network marketing companies currently operating in the UK I realised that one does not seem to be existence yet, or at least not one that Google is aware of anyway. So I decided that I may as way just take it upon myself to create one for you, ready for right now when you decided like seeing what MLM opportunities were currently out there.

But here’s the thing… I didn’t just want to have a boring list so I put it into order of the most secure income producing UK MLM down to the more riskier,
hmmm… maybe ‘risky’ is not quite the word, let’s say ‘pioneering’ network marketing opportunity.

I am sure that I have missed a few network marketing companies out here so please comment below if you’re business is missing or if you have any opion about my ordering of the list, hehe… Seriously though, I have tried to be as fair as possible with my ordering based upon company longevity, customer awareness of company, quality of products/services, if product/service is bought every month or just one time sale, plus also a whole bunch of other boring business type stuff. Please note also that just because your MLM company has been around for 100 years it does not better as often these old companies are the slowest to react to new technologies and market trends as they are stuck in tradition and a ‘but that’s the way we’ve always done it’ mentality. Yet on the plus side, company longevity is always a plus as you know the company has survived the ups and downs of a start up and your monthly cheque as a distributor is as guaranteed as any pay cheque from a regular job.

NOTICE new rules in the policies and guidelines of – company name removed – mean that I am no longer aloud to mention – company name removed – on the blog and NEITHER ARE YOU!

So if you do happen to mention – company name removed – in a comment on this or any other page I have no choice but to delete it, apologies in advance… 

Just like in that film Fight Club starring Brad Pitt “The number one rule of – company name removed – is that you do not talk about – company name removed -!”


  1. – company name removed –
  2. Avon
    This company must have been around my whole life and despite not being a girl or being into make up and stuff like that in anyway (honestly), I like many people, would consider Avon to be a recognised household brand. You may think that the market is saturated and it is too late to make any ‘real’ money with Avon. Well if you have been around network marketing long enough you might have noticed the HUGE drop out rate. Really it is never really too late, 20 years of hard consistent work will pay off in mlm no matter what company you’re in.
  3. Herbalife
    David Beckham! what about him? hmmm… I’m not sure what the link is with him and this company, other than that he played for LA Galaxy the US soccer team that Herbalife paid a small fortune to sponsor. However, it sure was worth it as when I joined the company back in 2004 it was like no one had ever heard of this strange american ‘wellness’ company. Today I can’t go into a gym without seeing someone strutting about with a Herbalife protein shaker or water bottle. This is a most definitely an excellent business opportunity for a fitness instructor or anyone seriously interested in becoming a personal wellness coach, it involves A LOT of customer follow up to run the business properly and profitably.
  4. kleeneze
  5. Pampered Chef
  6. Arbonne
  7. Amway
  8. Forever Living
  9. Oriflame
  10. Mary Kay
  11. Nu Skin
  12. Telexfree
  13. Virgin Vie
  14. Vi UK – Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge
    vi-lifeBack in 2005 three very qualified guys got together to form ViSalus, it took them 5 years to formulate a marketing strategy for the new network marketing company that was completely viral; spreading naturally over Facebook and making life as easy as possible for those promoting the Challenge. This new system launched in 2010 is known as the Body By Vi 90 day Challenge, it allows those competing in the Challenge to get free products every month as well as winning prizes and cash for achieving their weight-loss fitness goals, all of these additional benefits just add to the viral spreading of the Challenge over social media. There are numerous celebrities involved in promoting the challenge which is unheard of for MLM’s in the past and this all again adds to the social viral power of the Challenge. Herbalife the biggest wellness centred network marketing company in the world last year did over $4Billion in sales last year operating in 100’s of countries around the globe. ViSalus, operating in only North America and Canada did over $1Billion in just those two countries and as of April 2013 it will open up for business here in the UK, this is a HUGE opportunity to get in early on what is going to be a massive MLM company in the UK.
  15. Organo Gold
  16. Wikaniko
  17. Monavie
  18. Asea
  19. Energetix
  20. It Work’s
If you are a network marketer and would like your companies name listed above to be a link to your business website just comment below and I will add it in for you free of charge, because I’m cool like that! 😉
I have created a NEW UPDATED version of this list here: Top 20 Work From Home Jobs UK
There are more mlm companies, if you would like me to add yours or link the name of your company to your business website just let me know. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments below:


  • Vickicambell


  • Nicolas

    Unicity International? Unicity is a leading health and wellness company from the Usa, since 1903! We are new to the Uk and will become huge over here as we are well established in North America, Germany and Asia. Anyone can be a success with us. Join me as I am very understanding, knowledgeable and progressive. I am based in south east London. Tel: 07944286482 or email: 🙂

  • Nial Bell

    Have you heard about Asea? Asea is helping many people with various different health challanges… Asea can also be used by athletes to increase VT by 12%. Asea has over 30 international patents. Asea is not a vitimin, mineral, exotic fruit juice or anything like that. Asea works at the cellular level. For more info on asea please email me or call 07890843999 I will gladly give you the help you need. This might be a great opportunity for you… It might not be for you. Either way I understand. Wishing you all the success you deserve!

    • bengillott

      Sorry Nial this is the first time I have heard of Asea, I see it is some health and wellness product. I do not know any customers of this product. I have found that it is always best to stick with businesses that supply products and services that people use rather than trying to battle against the tide. This is why I work with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club selling essential services. How many of your friends DO NOT use electricity, broadband, mobile phone etc.? point taken??
      Got to be where the money is if you want to actually make a good living out of your home business.

      • Nial Bell

        Ben I would totally agree with you in that products are the best or at least something that runs out and need repurchased… Like electricty, broadband etc however with these types of products there are many suppliers. Asea is the ONLY company with Redox Signaling Molecules. Can I ask…

        > What if….there was a breakthrough technology that was so impactful
        on the human condition, 50% of people noticed tremendous benefits in 30 days or less?

        >What if…this technology also had a profound impact on athletic
        performance increasing endurance by 29% in only 7 days?

        >What if…this technology was protected by 30+ patents, so there were
        no competition or copy cats?

        >What if…this powerful technology was being brought to market by a
        company that is on target to achieve $100 million in sales in only its 3rd year
        of business?

        >What if… you are now in a position to discover an opportunity that
        the vast majority of people do not yet know exists?
        Do you see an opportunity?

        • bengillott

          Thanks Nial, I can’t help but be logical and honest 2 attributes that have served me very well in business over the years.
          OK so What if… All that marketing hype and BS that company has told you was true? Would the Olympic’s and other such events have to ban such a substance?
          I mean a 29% increase in performance in just 7 days! I bet Lance Armstrong must be kicking himself that he hadn’t used this Asea stuff rather than the banned steroids…
          I mean seriously, business calls for common sense at the end of the day. The Body by Vi Challenge began here in the UK on the 15th April and within the first 30 days over 10,000 had started the Challenge one week later that figure had rose to 13,000 and continues to rise every week.
          In business you have to sell what people want and right now the mass appeal is with the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge, I suggest you stop trying to fight the tide and just go along with it instead you may actually achieve your goals that way 😉
          Stop fighting Nial and just come onboard…

          • Nial Bell

            Thanks Ben!

            I know its really hard to believe that the Olympic’s have not banned Asea but the truth is when you do a drug test on someone taking Asea it is 100% legal… You can find out more at the Drug test results are at the bottom of the page. (PDF)

            I hope for you that the ViSalus Q2. Sales and Earnings report are better than Q1. Although the global expansion should help make the figures look better! 😉

            “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. “. – Emerson

          • Nial

            Hi Ben… Is the ViSalus 2013 Q2 sales and earnings report out yet? 😉

            You might now want to look at the new Asea compensation plan effective 01/08/13. There has been massive changes for the better including a new Auto Ship program.

            I believe we now have the best compensation plan in the industry. NO need to explain all the details or understand ranks etc…We can now show a new person within a few minutes a simple plan to make around £600 per month that is very achievable!!
            Nial Bell
            info@nialbell:disqus .com 07890843999

    • Georgie

      ASEA? That’s just salt water! Talk about the emprorers new clothes. Ridiculous!

      • Nial Bell

        Georgie, I know we are not all perfect but as time goes on more and more scientific proof is coming out. You would agree with me that intelligent people make smart decisions based on facts? It might do no harm to watch this:

  • Ron

    We are coming. We just happened to be the fastest growing in the states. We are 8 years old and whoever gets a team ready first and is ready to go will knock it out of the park.

    • Rock

      Which company is that ?

    • Syed Hussain message me the details regards

    • Maxwell

      Hey, are u in to network marketing business?

  • On our way there.., contact me to be first.

  • Hello Ben, My company will be expanding to Europe in early 2013. We are excited to bring North America’s #1 Challenge and Home Based Business overseas very soon. Would love to connect with you and chat. Cheers

    • bengillott

      Thanks Mathew, I see you are talking about ViSalus right? I have seen many good things about this company on the web over the last year or so and it does look excellent competition for Herbalife. Certainly a good choice for anyone with a burning passion for working in the health and wellness industry.

  • Laz

    Hello Ben!I think Talk fusion should be on your list as it is the fastest growing multilevel company at the moment.It also the only company with instant pay compensation plan.Thank you

    • bengillott

      Hi Laz, Thanks for your contribution, I just checked out Talk Fusion and I see it has been around since 2007 and has some useful products, but nothing you can’t get cheaper else where with better quality. But I do like what they offer – it seems like it should be an affiliate scheme rather than an MLM especially with the rate technology changes, not something you can build a life long income on as today there technology may be OK but in a few years time they could be considered prehistoric, haha… better off sticking with the essentials (food, water, electricity, gas, etc.).
      Cool, but longevity of the business, I wouldn’t bet my life on it… Also I don’t know who told you that Talk Fusion was the fastest growing mlm company but I’m sure it must have been the person trying to sell on on the company, I can assure you it is definitely not! 😉

  • Sandra blessing

    Hi ben the list is very impressive and very lucrative. The above mentioned companies have very lovely products and very great comp plan. I am a consultant with organo gold. The website is:

  • Ross Lysinger

    Hi Ben! ViSalus is launching in England really soon! I was just with the CEO last night. We are looking for a few successful ($100,000+/year) network marketing leaders to fly over to Atlanta in a couple of weeks – all expenses paid – to learn about the company. If you, or other associates, would like more info – email me –

    • bengillott

      Great to here about Visalus coming to the UK I have heard so much about it online and really seems like a great business for anyone passionate about helping people with nutrition etc. as it is has great bonuses and pay plan. Not sure it is for me though, my triathlon days are far behind me now, more of a pie and chips guy these days, hahaha…

  • We are expanding to the Europe in Q2.

  • Gabor

    Hi Ben..If you get some time then pleae check out My email is if your interested. Cheers

  • ViSalus Europe

    Ben got a private Webiar Tonight at 8pm, Visalus Europe Launch coming soon. Would you like to listen in? With your marketing skill you will be earning £100,000 within 12 months.

  • vera

    Energetix Bingen mlm compagny also for UK!

  • Was reading through some of the messages and you dont need to be a fitness person to be involved in Visalus, you might just be interested in helping others and keeping your own weight at a steady level… while you still reap amazing benefits. i know you probably have a like to them but just in case Have a great day

  • Alison

    World Ventures is the most awesome company now in London. We are in 22 countries and taking over the travel industry.

    • bengillott

      Hi Alison, Thank you so much for that, World Ventures does seem a very unique product/service for MLM certainly makes a difference from the usual nutritional based products sold through MLM’s. I really like the web page, very creative but just a shame it takes such a long time to load…

    • styleives

      Alison,contact me if you are looking for earning potential bigger than iver ever seen in over twenty years of network marketing, but this is happening now and is limited for influencers only,contact me to find out more..

  • Hey man! I’d love to have my business listed. I work for a company called It Works Global. My website is and I’m actually building a team in the UK right now! That’s how I found your site 😉 Thanks for the awesome list! And that’s really cool of you to be willing to do that for people and list their business. It’ll bring some nice traffic to your site as well!

    • bengillott

      Hey thanks Aron, you seem like a good guy to work with so I have added your business link above, I put it where I feel it belongs amongst the competition and the competition is fierce in the health and wellness industry, will be interesting to see how the company does in the UK, how long has it been open for business in the UK?

      • Thanks so much Ben, I really appreciate that! It Works! Global has been open for business in the UK since late 2010. The company hasn’t reached momentum there yet so it is very exciting. We reached momentum here in the States at the end of 2011 and it’s been incredible. Our newest county to open was France just a few days ago. It’s really exciting right now!

        It is definitely a competitive industry 🙂 what I believe sets It Works! Global apart from other companies though is the It Works Wrap, a site-specific body applicator that tightens, tones, and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes. With this innovative and exclusive first-to-market product, we are definitely creating an incredible foot-hold in the industry! It’s so much fun and so fulfilling getting to hear all of the stories of how people’s lives change, physically and financially.

  • joseph pantaleon

    have you heard about melaleuca? wellness company from USA, ive been with the company for 4 months now and residual income is promsing, big potential for business

  • Tim Batten

    hi Ben, i’m with Kleeneze my website is if you could link that it would be awesome. Kleeneze is getting really exciting there new billion dollar vision is going to set the business on fire.

    • styleives

      Tim, you need to be looking at something much bigger….get in touch

      • bengillott

        Thanks but we all know you are talking about ViSalus, no need to spam comments to everyone.

    • bengillott

      Sure thing Tim no problem, will be interesting to see how Kleeneze plan to make there come back – hopefully should be more web-based in the future, but how they would take on amazon, who knows what may happen? 🙂

  • Matt

    Hi Ben, if you are professing to be an expert in MLM you need to get your facts right. Simply Naturals is the only company globally to promote a product containing 75 plant derived minerals with incredible results and testimonials. Had it not been for Peter and Eric you would not be able to promote UW which by the way is no longer being run as a MLM. Its a direct selling business with complete focus on customer gathering. Real networkers dont even touch UW . I know. I built a team of 500 + distributors there and now focus on Simply Naturals. a UK company with global expansion led by MLM legends! Check out

    • bengillott

      Hi Matt, thanks for the info – I’m not really inspired by the thought of selling multi-vitamins but I’m sure their must be loads of people out there that it would really appeal to. As for the Utility Warehouse, well that is still a network marketing company and I am still earning as usual, not sure who told you it wasn’t? But yes I know they do focus heavily on customers, but I find that to be a good thing as it makes getting new customers easier and customer retention rates are EXCELLENT so we get commissions month after month for a very long time, just shows there are different types of MLM businesses for all types of people 😉

  • Hey Ben! Thanks for putting together such a great website! I am an independent distributor with Nucerity International. Skincerity is the flagship anti-ageing product that is born from science and has numerous international patents. 90% repeat purchase rate and a hybrid compensation plan with a mentor bonus unlike other MLMs. Just gearing up to launch in the UK, but open in North American, South America, Australia and several Asian countries already. My website is Other countries opening soon, so great time to check out this amazing opportunity. Natural ingredients and 30 day money back guarantee. Thanks for the opportunity to post! Will keep returning to check out your updates.

  • I would love to connect with people in the UK. please connect with me on facebook or linked in. also email me at thank you

  • Carol

    Can you add me to the Wikaniko link? Thanks, Carol

  • sandrainc

    If you would like a FREE sample of Visalus sample pack when it launches in UK…I am creating a list of people who would be interested.
    Just text free sample to 07897 272 972

  • Shon

    I would like my business listed. Body By Visalus We are the number 1 health and fitness platform in North America right now and we are going global.. Be the first to join in the UK .. just go to this url and promote this challenge…

  • Pam

    Hi Ben, thanks for the offer. I am a distributor for Skinny Body Care that is changing hundreds of lives daily. Our main product is Skinny Fiber, which is not just a weight lose natural product but is also helping people get off of their meds. Doesn’t just happen over night, but there are people who have seen weight lose in their first week of using skinny fiber. People that have thyroid problems, gout, severe migrains, type 2 diabetes, IBS etc… are experiencing life changing results! We also have a skin care product, Ageless, that is also giving people some great results. You can find out more at, watch the 5min movie then take the free tour. You can also visit for testimonies both visual and verbal and if you or anyone wishes to there is a call at 10:00pm EST tonight, Friday to Monday, dial in early at 1-559-726-1300 access code 592811#.

    • bengillott

      Sounds awesome, here in the UK we have the NHS, so any medication to help against the illnesses you mention above we can get for FREE from the NHS (National Health Service) If I speak to anyone suffering from these problems I shall get them to ask their GP about it, thanks…

  • Katie

    Thanks for this list Ben. I’m looking to get into network marketing, and obviously have a newbie’s fear of losing money. I’m looking at health and nutrition companies, as that’s an area I’m passionate about. I’ll be looking at the companies in your list, and taking the plunge soon. I’ll channel Jim Rohn for confidence and wisdom! 🙂

    • Definitely follow Jim Rohn’s teachings on network marketing! They won’t lead you astray! 😉

      • Katie

        Thank you Aron. 4 months later, and I still haven’t taken the plunge. I need to decide on a company!

        • bengillott

          We’ve all just been spending the week over in Orlando Florida for the Vi UK Vitality company event where they have just launch a bunch of new products etc. If you are still looking I can hook you up with a BIG time fitness celeb that is looking to build a big business here in the UK. Anyone else reading this that is interested, feel free to get in touch, anytime…

          • Katie

            Ben, I just messaged you on Facebook. Not sure if it’ll come through to your Inbox or Other folder.
            Thank you.

    • Hazel Scott

      Hi Katie, Jim Rohn is a great choice!!! I also love “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. We read it (well, I listened to an abridged audio version) for Hazel’s Business Bookgroup (find it on Facebook). Good luck with your choice of company, hxx

      • Florin

        The best company to be involved in now is acn.
        If u wnat to find out how to make extra money without selling products let me know.

        • bengillott

          Amazing Florin, ACN allows people to make money without selling a product… I take it you are selling a service instead, or just taking peoples money and giving them nothing back in return???

          • Moonchild Mx

            Inbox me

          • Maxwell

            Hi Bengillott, hi mate. I want to get involve in ACN

          • M Asif

            Email me on for information on joining ACN , it’s God’s gift to me.I love ACN is always changing peoples lives & that’s what i love about it.
            Anyone interested please email me.
            Kind regards

        • Maxwell

          Hey mate I’m interested in making some extra money, can u show me the way?

        • M Asif

          this is not your average network marketing opportunity but truly a life changing opportunity been operating for over 23 years, in 24 countries spread over 4 continents.
          Anyone who wants to make a difference whether it’s your life or your families life, there’s no comparison with ACN
          email me on to find out more.

          Kind Regards


      • Maxwell

        Hi, I’m maxwell by name. Live in Liverpool uk. My brother who lives back in African is well into network marketing and looking to bring business in Nigeria and make it well known. I will like to hear from u. Thanks Maxwell.

    • Hi Katie, If you are looking for a wellness MLM with a established company from US, that has just opened in the UK a month ago Check into Zurvita-Zeal for Life. Its a great product and growing every year. Its a great opportunity to get into a beginning stages in a new market area. I would love to tell you more about more.

      • Syed Hussain
        Message me the details live in UK but need some thing for Pakistan to take into big big market only tiens some Chinese crap is there any one wants to get in touch let me know

        • Maxwell

          Hi mate. Contact me and we can talk about business. My mobile number is 07729100077. Maxwell

      • Maxwell

        Hey Jackson, i will like to know more and be involve. Email me on And we can talk more

    • Moonchild Mx

      Maybe I can help 🙂 Facebook me

    • i used this product which helped me with diabetes

  • Eric Larson

    ViSalus is now available in the UK! Product is shipping from with in the United Kingdom April 15th order @

  • Marianne Barrett

    I’m in Empower Network (Educational products) UK team, we provide step by step training and support within the Empower Network system, viral blogging platform, weekly webinars and live training days. When people join they are added to our group page. Here’s my personal Facebook page:

  • Marianne Barrett

    Hi Ben, I just wanted to add that you can use our viral blogging platform to promote any business, – you learn everything there is to know about marketing and blogging etc. Would you add this information to your list? Here’s my page again, where people can ask questions and when they join they will be added to our UK team Facebook page and all the training available there. Here’s one of my blogs about our UK EN team:

    • bengillott

      Hi Marianne, Sorry but not really a big fan of the Empower Network, it has no product and no customers just people joining and paying money so they can get others to join and pay money so they can earn 100% commissions!
      It is of course an illegal pyramid scam – i.e. no products or at atleast no product of any value. What is the product? A WordPress blog, which last time I checked was FREE! How else would they be able to offer 100% commissions??
      Seriously it has zero customers, what business has no customers? It is by all definitions an illegal pyramid scam but one that is difficult to shut down since they have set it up in South America where the laws are a little ‘relaxed’.

  • Bell Brown

    I am impressed with the collection of list. Really appreciated!

    Network Marketing

  • Brian

    If anyone is interested in selling Body By VI, I can offer dozens of warm leads each week. I get them from my website

  • Craig

    Have a look at Karatbar I have just joined, and can’t seam to find a bad thing about it, be great to hear your thoughts/experiences.

    • bengillott

      Its all about investment cycles, 20 years equities, 10 years commodities (like gold) and every 5 years something major happens. Back in 2002-03 Gold was around $200 an once, spent about 10 years on the up and now on its way back down, I would say you came into this investment a little late but it doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at where we are now and re-invest in something else, BUT I like to have a little gold and silver on stand by just in case the worst should happen in the economy, I think of it as insurance against inflation! 😉

  • Paul

    Hi Ben ,have you come across Simply Naturals, and if so what are your thoughts?

  • Steve

    Hi Ben, It seems we read the same book and sold out before the property crash of 08. I also firmly believe MLM enables anyone the opportunity to build a decent income – if done the right way. A quick tip for your readers considering this business model. TRY THE PRODUCT FIRST before committing yourself. Most MLM companies expect you to order EVERY month via an auto-shipment. The worse thing to do is choose a company and then detest the product as you will have great difficulty gathering customers with a negative attitude. Will the product BENEFIT you personally? Check out my blog as an example and ask yourself this. Would you be prepared to use these products every month without fail and be over the moon to share the products with everyone? This question should be asked of ANY company you choose to join. Good luck.

    • bengillott

      Thanks Steve, I checked out your website was a little lost at first trying to find the network marketing company you were talking about but found it in the end. Loads of great content on your site and you and your wife seem to be on the right track with your nutrition. Luckily here in the UK it is still illegal to grow genetically modified crops however they are still available in the supermarket having been imported from else where. I personally really like these guys on funny how modern science is only now finding out the health implications of eating stuff that thousands of years ago was already accepted unfit for human consumption 😉

  • Hi, my name is Lorraine Jensen and I live in BC, Canada. I would love for you to post my website for my Zija business to your list. I’m originally a Londoner and will be coming home this year for a visit and to promote this outstanding product. My website address is Thanks

  • Atanas Georgiev

    Add SaveWay International


  • Hi Ben,
    Love your site. Loads of free advice to help others and what you give out you get back. Hope it all comes your way.

  • bengillott

    Hi Jessica, sorry but I already beat you to it 😉

  • Akshay Sharma

    Hi Ben
    Nice list. I am working as an Indepedentt Representative for company called QNET. It’s just turned 16 and soon is going to sweep UK and US off it’s feet.
    We already had a huge crowd at the biggest network marketing ever in malaysia this year from UK. (VCON 2014 Malaysia).
    It really deserves to be in the list.
    Anyone interested to start with us please do get in touch with me over mail or FB.


  • Hi Ben

    Please could you add my MLM company to your list above?
    Please let me know what information you require?
    I didn`t want to drop information and a link here in the comments but I can if that is ok?


    • bengillott

      Hi Stephen, I would love to hear what MLM company you are promoting, feel free to just add it here in the comments so I can go take a look, cheers 🙂

      • Hi Ben

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I am a partner in a German software company called Bonofa.

        They have just added a crazy Binary comp plan that pays out a maximum of €750,000 per month and anyone can lock in their position right now for just €29.95

        I will try add more information later as this is something to take a seriously close look at…
        The power of Micro-Payments and viral marketing is unreal!


  • Hello Everyone, A new fast growing MLM Company featuring Zeal is marketed by Zurvita, a marketing company leveraging the power of word of mouth advertising and the Internet to create the next generation home business opportunity. Zeal for Life is a Wellness line with in-one natural nutritional blend that gives you the most bang for your nutritional buck. In fact, it would take 56 different pills to give you the nutritional value of one six-ounce serving of Zeal.
    No more buying bottles of this and packets of that to get the healthy nutrients you need. Just one delicious serving of Zeal does it all! Zurvita leveraged its strengths as a leading provider of consumer-driven healthcare to find the best nutritional product to offer its customers and consultants. As a result, people across America can not only benefit from Zeal’s nutritional properties, they can also share this amazing product with family and friends, make money and help the community all at the same time! We have just gone global this year Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Sinapore. I have just returned home from meeting my family overseas in Australia to help them start their team in Sydney Australia. Zurvita is looking to open in five more different countries by the end of the year. Its a great opportunity to join a new market area and promote a great product. If you need more information visit my site at and you can send me a message or contact me!

  • Rebecca Shaw

    What about Utility Warehouse? FTSE 250 company, Which recommended, no product re-sell and very low customer churn. True residual income because every time your customer pays their utility (and shopping) bill, you get paid a % of it. How fab is that?

    • Florin

      How about ACN.
      The biggest provider worldwide of energie and telecom. services.
      Services in over 20 countries with over 21 years on the market.
      Feeds a child every time you pay your bill and you make residual income from each customer and from your rep. customers.
      The amazing thing about ACN is that you don’t have to sell products and have a quota to reach.
      You get a client once and that is it.
      Want to make a difference and make extra money get in touch with me.

  • Hi Ben

    Interesting site and I can see you are into the advantage of network marketing – I joined 2 years ago and it is the best decision I ever made but I was lucky – I say this because it does matter which company you choose and also the upline but all too often people buy the person without looking at what they are getting into with enough analysis and it may not be for them – without the main pitfalls like joining a start-up – only 1 in 311 MLM companies make it in the long term.
    I am surprised Synergy Worldwide is not in your list -it may be because you have not been exposed to it and that it has only been over here a few years I have looked at all the MLM companies on your list in detail and I see so many flaws in them and those are the bits they tend to hide of course. Like Breakthrough problems UW, FLP and other old style comp plans have this where if one of your team overtakes you in the rankings you lose their value to your income – I know many in UW who have lost income because of this one who lost £1800 a month shocking, perhaps that is one of the reasons they are joining Synergy! Capped levels – Visalus ( body by Vi) caps beyond 20 levels – 20 levels in MLM is only getting going and you can bet the star in your team joins at the 21st level!
    So if you are going to join MLM pick a company that meets your values and has the following:
    Payment to infinite levels; Is publicly quoted not hidden information about their financing; No Breakthrough: The highest level of millionaires per distributor; the highest verified percentage payout (verified in the accounts); products that are ones people actually want for the rest of their lives; no hype about a car that becomes your personal liability when you dont make your target; no great volume of personal sales that you have to achieve in order to qualify for commissions; A culture of helping others; Products that are not manufactured by 3rd parties; Is not a start up; Has a simple system anyone can follow; Has a money back no quibble guarantee; Does not have 50,000 distributors in your country but only a few hundred;
    If you cant find one that at least ticks all those boxes get in touch and i will introduce you to Synergy Worldwide it might be for you – it might not! We dont have a single distributor in Wales at the moment but we will have soon – who wants to be a pioneer? Paul 07907363295

  • Chris Miller

    Hi Ben, firstly Thanks for putting together the list of top UK network marketing companies – I found it really interesting to read and also the comments that have been generated prove what a great industry this is. I wonder if you would mind including the company that I represent? It is called the Winning Express and for more information my website is
    or people could look at my you tube video here
    We are currently looking for more Members particularly if they are based in U.K., Spain or Ireland. Many thanks. Regards Chris

  • Philippa Mitchell

    Hi Ben

    I am glad that you include Wikaniko in your list above and in your subsequent blogs on Network Marketing Businesses in the UK. If you are still looking for someone to link their name/business website with Wikaniko, I’d love to be considered.
    I love the Wikaniko ethos, products and the way it is growing with its distributors. It is a very personal business, unlike some of the imported ones (IMO). Have enjoyed reading this blog and the linked ones and will be back here again to see what else you write about.

  • Katie Wilson

    Hi Ben, this is great! I was looking for a passive income from mlm for years, I went to a lot of seminars and hated them all….until I went to one outside the UK and loved it, so I brought it home. It is a consumer network, so no investment apart from my £40 a month for my own health product (which are amazing ) and I refer them and get paid. I can go wide without limits, and as deep as infinity. No stock, no buying, no selling and I can work in 64 countries! All I do now is help my team, in LA, Oz, Croatia etc and get paid! The company has been going for o we 20 years and has over 200,000 in its network globally. Anyone can do it…over 18! And as its passive with no targets I can stop anytime and just order my own product and keep getting paid. If anyone drops out I don’t lose that leg they just roll up higher. This is the best I have come across…I’m glad I did my research and flew out to find it! If anyone wants to know more let me know. Many thanks Ben.
    katie x

    • Syed Hussain

      Hi what is that you do,I’m interested I actually been with mlm as well but let see what u got to offer

    • lianne

      Hi Katie, i too have been looking at MLM for sometime but its finding that something that is a little didferent. Would you be able to send me some information please.
      Many Thanks

  • Hi – a new kid on the UK block is European company Wellstar BYAS (Byonic Youth Activating System) which gets you looking 10 years younger and removing excess fat with healthy safe affordable technology – it’s a compete revolution – the SmartPhone of Beauty Devices – and is going to be massive.

    • Just for the record, I am no longer with this company

  • Hi there, would you be able to add this link Nu Skin please? Thank you x

  • Peter Lowes

    Youngevity is the next big thing in MLM, the best nutritional products on the market anywhere period. I hear so many people claiming they have the best products and seriously they have no clue, Dr Joel Wallach is the founder of Youngevity and formulated Youngevity’s core products that are physically changing people’s lives.

  • Moonchild Mx

    Interested in this company, are there any LOCAL teams who can help me..?

  • Thanks for the information and i hope you have heard these companies which have changed people’s life Financially independent ,and health wise independent
    2 .According to the products and the compensation plan

  • Moonchild Mx

    interested in this company, are there any local teams who can help me?

  • BenjaminandNaomi Peach

    Hi Ben! Fantastic list. Except you missed one!! Young Living Essential Oils! They’ve been in the USA for the last 21 years but officially launched in the UK September 2014! Please check it out at

  • Emma Stephens

    Hi I’m with ActiDerm there a French based cosmeceuticals company selling in the UK and Ireland and lunching in the USA 31st March 2016 We are looking for new ambassadors in UK and Ireland and also need 1001 founding USA ambassadors

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  • Rosamunde Bott

    Hi. I notice that the Wikaniko link isn’t working. Do you need a replacement? Mine is Thanks.

  • Zeljko Milicevic

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    The numbers talks everything. The company exists just one year. This is realy oversized opportynity. Email me:

  • Zeljko Milicevic

    Hi People this is what is fact, earnings list:


    The numbers talks everything. The company exists just one year. This is realy oversized opportynity. Email me:

  • M Asif

    ACN is the best network marketing company out there. This company has changed so many peoples lives inc myself. There’s no other network marketing company that’s involved with products & service’s.
    ACN is recession proof, been going for over 23 years, growing stronger each day operates in 24 countries over 4 continents, expanding in several countries this year. There’s no competition when it comes to ACN.
    I consider myself so lucky to be involved with ACN. If you’re reading this and would like to find out more or join ACN please email me on

    Knd regards


  • Cara Eyre

    hi Younique should be in there ? …..we are one of the new leaders in plant based cosmetics. We are only 3 yrs in the Uk…..for more information my link is

  • Cara Eyre

    Hi all Younique Products have been in the UK 3 yrs now ….plant based products with a mission to uplift, empower and validate
    More information at ?

  • Sam Evans

    Jamberry Nails – New to the UK April 2016 – Originate in the USA 2010