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Anyone that knows me on facebook will no doubt be very aware that I have recently been searching around on the web for a good second hand iphone 4 deal. If you have ever tried looking yourself for a second hand iphone 4 recently you may have noticed that the cheapest price you may find online would be around £170-£250+ and that is just the iphone 4 remember not the iphone 4S!

However during my hunting online I found this absolute gem, an iPhone 4S, second hand it is NOT!

Second hand iPhones…

iPhone 3GSiPhone 4iPhone 4S

Buy iPhone 4S £100 (not second hand)

I know the cynical amongst you will be thinking right now that ‘this must be a contract deal’ well you would be half right.
I thought to myself “let’s face it, even if I buy a second hand iphone I am still going to need at least a pay as you go SIM”, there is no telling how much a smart phone is going to cost for me to run on a pay as you go SIM card once I get unleashed onto the web on the new iphone…
This phone deal comes with 300 free minutes and 1,000 free texts for £22.50 per month with these guys you can swap contract any time you wish to suit your usage, so unlike a ‘normal contract’ were you are locked in for a few years, this is completely flexible, awesome 🙂

HOWEVER, if I bought a second hand iphone 4 it may cost me just £15 per month on a pay as you go SIM, so I would be saving £7.50 per month with a second hand iphone 4, BUT if you divide the extra £130 I would need to pay out by the £7.50 over 18 months it would cost the same!

£130 / £7.50 = 17.33333 months

And HANG ON A MINUTE that second hand iphone is only an iPhone 4 the brand new one is an iPhone 4S with 1,000 free texts and 300 free minutes each month! for the same price!!

But wait… it gets better!

Already sold on the idea of getting this new iPhone 4S rather than a second hand iphone 4 I decided to dig a little deeper.
Now I already had my gas, electric, broadband and home phone with this utility discount club, I don’t know why I never thought of checking out their mobile phone deals sooner??
oh and £2.99 unlimited broadband by the way 😉 a real winner…

But anyway since this would be my 5th service with them I got £50 knocked off the up front cost of the iPhone, plus I already get free any time calls from the home phone with these guys and with this NEW iPhone App they have just launched I can now use the internet on the iPhone to call from anywhere in the world using my land line number as if I was back home in the UK – which as I said I get free calls!
So now I can go around the Philippines and the US and call my mother back home from my iPhone absolutely FREE!


How cool is that?


Well, since also checking out O2, Orange, Vodafone and all the other usual companies these guys definitely had the best deal for me, if you know of a better deal or have had a good or bad experience of this deal, please share below. Thanks… 🙂

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  • Claire Hill

    Wow thanks so much for sharing, I have been so jealous of my friends with iPhone 4S’s and I couldn’t even afford an iPhone 4 lol… but now have ordered this iPhone 4S just can’t wait 😀

    • demi

      How do you order it what website?

  • Pugitta

    What is the name of this app you r talking about? Just what I need!!

    • bengillott

      The App is called FreeCall, but you need to have your home phone with UWDC but this is no problem as they will give you free calls anytime every day if you are smart 😉