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In a survey carried out by insurance company Cornhill Direct in 2007, 69% of workers claimed they would work from home if they were given the choice. One of five were so keen to do so, they said they would even accept a pay cut.

So you want a work from home job in the UK

With so many people talking about working from home in the UK, having more money and more time for friends and family surely at least some of them MUST be making some money, right?

We are living in a time here in the UK when it appears to be fashionable to be extremely cynical about the idea of working from home. Yet, at the same time there are more people than ever in history making obscene amounts of cash from small businesses that they run from there own homes. So the big question everyone is asking is why do some not succeed? what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the failures? And what can you do to ensure your success?

What I am going to share with you next has taken over 8 years of personal experience working from home in the UK just like you;

What we are going to look into:

  1. UK Work from Home Jobs vs Businesses
  2. Is a Work from Home Job Right for You?
  3. What to Focus on, What to Forget!
  4. Where to Find Work…

UK Work from Home Jobs vs Businesses

The first thing that you will need to do is decide whether you are purely looking for a work from home job or whether you are also interested in a job working from home in a more self-employed position. The UK has plenty of these self-employed commission only work from home opportunities and they are certainly not all made equal!
Jobs are great for people looking to trade their time and own hard work for some cash, their is a multitude of IT related work from home jobs available online that you can apply for, details of which you will find towards the end of this report.

Jobs can be very restrictive and can be limited in the amount of money you can make as your time is limited. If you would prefer a business that you can start from home, the first question is whether you would like to start your very own business or take on a position with a network marketing company. Network marketing is a business model similar to the Franchise model such as McDonalds. A franchise store is not owned by the company itself it is owned and run by an independent businessman/woman known as the franchisee, this model enables the main company i.e. McDonalds to expand extremely rapidly as the individual business people (franchisees) are putting up most of the money to pay for the new store.
A McDonalds franchise could cost you anywhere from £100,000 to over £1million, however start up costs of network marketing positions are capped at £200 in the UK. So if you are asked to pay more than £200; it is NOT a legitimate network marketing business. You are no doubt already familiar with many network marketing companies, such as Avon, Body by Vi, Virgin Vie, Ann Summers etc.
See here for a full list of UK network marketing companies.

Is a Work from Home Job Right for You?

Perhaps you maybe looking to start your own window cleaning business or local home cleaning company or even an international distribution business selling products on eBay? Whatever you choose to do there are some legal issues you will need to be aware of before you get started.

TAX – This is a huge topic and big turn off point for many people, why? I have no idea… Fear from not having filled in a tax return before seems to stop many people from taking self-employed positions. In 2004 I made a HUGE MISTAKE! I had just started out in my first work from home business with a company called Herbalife, and in the very first month, before even taking a single order I had registered as self-employed with the Inland Revenue.
Once you have registered they will expect you to fill in tax returns every year from then on… But, the GOOD NEWS is that in the beginning if your business has not done so well and you are paying tax in a full-time job, you will be looking at a very nice tax return come April 🙂 I think in my first year my business only made about £100, however I received about £900 back in taxes from the Inland Revenue come April, sweet!
Plus filling in a tax return is a piece of cake these days as it is all done online and is just a case of filling in the forms on the HMRC website. However there is really no need to jump straight into the self-employed tax system. the law is that you have to register as self-employed within the first 3 months of your business. Really they are not interested that you have decided to try self-employment or if you have become a distributor in some network marketing company. They only want one thing, YOUR MONEY! haha… seriously if you are not yet taking in money on a consistent basis and have a good stream of money coming in they are really not interested. If all you have done is sold a pot of multivitamins to your mother and made £7.59 profit, they do not really care, you would have made more money from doing a carboot sale!
So only register as self-employed once you have actually REALLY began your business. 

The problem with working from home in the UK

The first problem you could find is getting up in the morning, with no boss to answer to it is up to you and you alone to push your business forward. Secondly, your house is filled with distractions, TV, pets, children, housework and of-course family and friends that come over for a chat, since you are at home and not at work they feel you have ‘free-time’ on your hands. Also your house is far too casual to get stuck into some serious working activity, so you will need to create an office environment somewhere in your home for work periods. If you do not, you will end up in one of two situations either too relaxed to focus on work, or your house will become your work environment and you will never switch off and never again feel at rest in your own home!  

Working from home is great but lack of motivation and too many distractions can become the Achilles heal to many seeking the dream lifestyle and freedom associated with the fantastic work from home jobs available in the UK.

Prepare yourself as this next section is utterly critical if you are ever going to succeed at working from home… 

What to Focus on, What to Forget!

The curse of the work from home entrepreneur! If you was going to open a restaurant would you learn carpentry to make the tables and chairs yourself? ofcourse not! So why do people get so caught up in trying to learn how to do everything themselves in a home-based business?
Website design, SEO, Social Media, Marketing, Backlinks, and on and on and on…

home jobs UK

The solution to the curse of the home-based business entrepreneur is to do less work! That is correct, by doing LESS WORK you will earn MORE MONEY!

Robert Kiyosaki the author of the best selling business book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ also wrote an incredible book entitled ‘OPM‘ this refers to using other peoples money to grow your business, however it also talks about using OPT and OPR i.e. ‘other peoples time’ & ‘other peoples resources’.
Just think of any company you have worked for in the past, the people who work the hardest are often the lowest paid whereas the people at the top do the least work but take the biggest pay cheque. This is just the same in your own business, if you want to succeed you need to delegate the daily tasks off to somebody else leaving yourself free to think and grow your business. If you try and do everything yourself you will spend so much time learning how to do everything you will never get your business off the ground and if you did you would struggle to grow the business and end up either quitting or working yourself to death.
Perhaps the work from home business owners among you could delegate those daily business tasks to other people looking for work from home jobs in the UK 😉

A good network marketing company does most of this delegation for you and allows people to create overwhelmingly obscene incomes. Network marketing can be extremely lucrative but the work from home business model has changed enormously with the creation of the internet so that Network Marketing companies that where once great opportunities have began to feel the strain…

Here is a screenshot of a message sent to me on Facebook by a local home business owner I had never even met yet, this is in response to a blog post I had written a few months previously: money from home uk

working from home jobs uk

 Where to Find Work…

You are not going to find legitimate work from home jobs in the UK on the usual jobs web sites, as work from home jobs are not usual jobs. Also you will not find them on classified websites like the or even eBay. You need to go to the specialised web sites…

work from home jobs elanceElance is one of the most well known of these specialised sites and gives access to 1.8 million skilled freelancers from around the world. Find rated web developers, mobile programmers, designers, writers, accountants, translators, marketing pros, virtual assistants and more.

work from home jobs odeskODesk is one of my personal favorites as there is not quite as much competition as you will find on Elance. ODesk is one of the world’s largest online workplace, where savvy businesses hire, manage, and pay a talented workforce of on-demand professionals.

work from home jobs fiverrFiverr is great for getting graphics, marketing and many more online services for just $5. I personally love fiverr for outsourcing the mundane tasks I hate as well as offering a few services of my own! On the whole the money I spend on services tends to be offset by the money I make, this is a great place to get your business started.

Network marketing is always a great option not just as an alternative to full time employment but also as an add on to your home business or part-time work. To find out what network marketing opportunities are available in the UK, check out this list of UK (MLM) Network Marketing Companies